Registering a New Zealand company is a quick and straightforward process, but there are a small number of common mistakes made which can be easily addressed with preparation.

This guide will show you how to ensure that your New Zealand Company registration proceeds without unnecessary delays.

  • Certification

Make sure your documents are certified properly

The New Zealand Companies Office upholds a set of strict but straightforward requirements for the certifications of all documents required during the New Zealand Company registration.

Documents which clearly meet the requirements can be processed almost immediately by the Companies Office.

Documents which do not clearly meet the certification requirements may still be accepted by the Companies Office, but each occurrence will be evaluated separately.

To check if your documents meet the appropriate document certifications, please consult our New Zealand Company Registration Document Checklist.

  • Signatures

Make sure the Shareholders and Directors are available to sign Consents

As part of the New Zealand Company registration process, the Directors and Shareholders of a proposed company are required to sign Consents, confirming their personal details and accepting their position as Director or Shareholder.

The Consent must be signed personally by the Director or Shareholder, before the original forms are returned to the New Zealand Companies Office.

The New Zealand Company registration cannot proceed until the forms are returned and approved.

  • Time

Make sure you return all documents in time

The New Zealand Companies Office enforces a time limit on New Zealand Company registrations, and if the incorporation process can expire if all forms and documents are not submitted in time. Expired applications may not continued, and a new application will need to be launched.

Ensure that you have all the necessary documents for a New Zealand company registration before it is lodged.

  • Names

Make sure your preferred company name is available

Before lodging an order for a Company registration with us, please ensure that the name you wish to use for your new New Zealand company is not already taken.

We will perform a name check as part of our standard New Zealand company registration procedures, but if the name is taken or reserved, we will not be able to proceed immediately.

Please feel free to use our Company Name Search tool to check if your prefer New Zealand company name is free.