Apostille copies of documents are often required in the normal course of business of New Zealand companies. Our incorporation packages include apostille copies of documents, but we can also produce new apostille copies if you require.

Certificate of Registration

We can arrange an apostille certification on a copy of the Certificates of Registration for any New Zealand company.

The apostille authentication on Certificates of Registration can be completed within 2 working days of us confirming your order and payment. The apostilled document will be sent to you via tracked international courier as soon as legalized and returned to our office.

An electronic apostille may also be provided to you by email on the day that the physical document is shipped to you.

In some cases it may be possible to expedite the process of obtaining a New Zealand apostille on Certificate of Registration, with the document being shipped to you the morning after your order is confirmed.

Company Extract

We can arrange an apostille certification on a copy of the Certificates of Registration for any New Zealand company, including all struck off companies.

Apostille copies of Company Extracts can be produced and sent to you within 2 working days of us receiving and confirming your order and payment.

Electronic copies of your Company Extract can be sent to you when the apostille is complete. The electronic copy is imbedded with its own authentication method and should be acceptable in all countries party to the Hague Convention.

If you order and payment can be confirmed at the start of the working day in New Zealand, the authentication process may be completed under urgency, and the document could be sent to you as early as the same afternoon.

Company Constitution

We can arrange for apostille certification on copies of the Company Constitution of any New Zealand Company which has uploaded a copy of its Constitution to the Register.

Company Constitutions must be certified by a Notary Public in New Zealand before they can be authenticated and affixed with a New Zealand Apostille.

Due to the extra step the apostille process on Company Constitutions for a New Zealand company may take several days to complete.

Once completed, the document will be affixed with an apostille page and stamp, and each page of the constitution will contain a certification from a New Zealand Notary Public.

Certificate of Goods Standing

The New Zealand Companies Office no longer provides Certificates of Good Standing. However, we may provide apostille copies of Company Extracts, which contain the same information as Certificates of Good Standing, and may often be used for the same purposes.


To obtain apostille copies of the corporate documents for a New Zealand company, please contact us and we will initiate your order as soon as possible.