Not Beersies Cost At Least 1.2 Million

The “Not Beersies” has failed to sway the opinions of heavy drinkers, and may have encouraged some to drink more. Late last week the Taxpayers Union issued anew statement with information on the cost and outcomes of the recent “Not Beerises” campaign aimed at encouraging lowered levels of alcohol consumption among New Zealanders, showing that […]

Kiwis Want Sugar Tax

New Zealanders are drinking 115 litres of sugar sweetened drinks per year, while more than a third of New Zealanders believe that such drinks should face higher taxes. According to the results of a recent survey, a large portion of New Zealanders support the imposition of taxes on the sale of products high in sugar, […]

Pollution Will Cost NZd 52 Billion for NZ

Enacting a carbon tax in New Zealand could help reduce the cost of pollution and fund tax cuts for everyday New Zealanders. The ultimate cost of failing to take action to reduce the levels of carbon emissions in New Zealand could result in a cost to the country of between NZD 3 billion and NZD […]

IRD Tracks NZD 10 Million of Tax Fraud

The IRD is recovering NZD 3.73 for each dollar spent on tracking down and investigating tax fraud in New Zealand. On December 3rd the Revenue Minister Todd McLay issued a new statement showing that the IRD’s efforts to crack down on tax fraud are paying off, having resulted in a greater number of uncovered and […]

Minimum Family Tax Credit Raised

Low income families will receive some extra financial support next year, as the limit on available tax credits is raised to account for inflation. On November 17th the Inland revenue Department issued a new statement showing that on April 1st 2015 the level of the minimum family tax credit will rise next year. Currently the […]

Tax System Receives Good Review From IRD

The IRD has evaluated the New Zealand tax system, rating it as efficient and well-functioning, but has pointed out some upcoming challenges. On November 12th the Inland Revenue Department released its Briefing for the Incoming Minister of Revenue – 2014, detailing the strengths of the current tax system in New Zealand, and describing the changes […]

Women Pay Less Tax Then Men in New Zealand

The financial assistance and lowered tax bills enjoyed by women in New Zealand is helping offset the income gap between men and women, according to new research. Women in New Zealand pay less tax and receive more in benefits over the course of their lives than men, according to the results of a new study […]

Domestic Abuse Costs Millions Every Year

Domestic abuse costs New Zealand at least NZD 600 million in lost tax revenues every year. Late last week the independent Glenn Inquiry issued a new statement with the results of new research on the financial cost that domestic abuse has on the country. According to the experts of the Glenn Inquiry, domestic abuse results […]

IRD Forms New ICT Group

The IRD has formed a new specialist group to provide expertise on how technology can be used to pay taxes in the future. On October 22nd the IRD issued a statement announcing that seven people have now been appointed to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Reference Group, which is aimed at helping the IRD […]

New Zealand Ranked 10th for Elderly Well-Being

New Zealand has ranked among the best countries in the world for people over the age of 65, especially in regards to healthcare and economic capability. Earlier this week the independent think-tank Help Age International released the results of new research measuring the “well-being of older people” in different countries across the world, ranking New […]