Tax Changes to Help Manufacturing Sector

The Labour party wants to make several tax changes in order to encourage more investment and growth in the national manufacturing sector. On March 17th the Labour party released a statement saying that if the party is elected in the coming election, it will implement several tax changes aimed at aiding the national manufacturing sector. […]

Bed and Carpark Taxes Possible for Ruapehu

The Ruapehu District Council is now looking at implementing taxes specifically aimed at tourists. Late last week the Ruapehu District Council issued a statement calling for public comments and suggestion on the issue of raising greater revenues for the council, potentially by imposing some form of levies or taxes aimed at visiting tourists. According to […]

Tax on Soft Drinks Critisized

The idea of taxing soft drinks in New Zealand has been lambasted, with claims that the tax has failed in every case where it has been implemented anywhere in the world. Late last week the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union released a new statement striking back at recent media articles deemed to be endorsing the nationwide […]

IRD to Ease Superannuation Transfer Rules

The IRD has eased the rules on superannuation transfers, allowing more Kiwis to take advantage of limited tax concession. In a statement issued on February 18th the Inland Revenue Department said that a new proposal has been put forward to amend the Taxation (Annual Rates, Foreign Superannuation, and Remedial Matters) Bill to make it easier […]

Facebook Must Pay More Tax, Or be Banned

Facebook needs to pay more tax, or face the possibility of a ban from New Zealand, according to a Labour Party spokesperson. In a television interview on January 29th the revenue spokesperson for the Labour Party David Clark indicated that the government should reserve the power to ban access to the social media website Facebook, […]

R&D Needs More Backing

Research and development activity could be a major boon for New Zealand, however, this sector receives little to no government support. According to a new statement issued by the accounting firm Grant Thornton on January 12th, tax incentives for research and development activity conducted in New Zealand could be a major contested point among political […]

Tax Breaks Granted for Avatar Films

James Cameron’s Avatar movies are coming to New Zealand, after the government signed off on an incentive package featuring tax breaks, documentaries and red-carpet events. Earlier this week, in a joint announcement, the Prime Minister John Key and the international film director James Cameron confirmed that the next three Avatar movies will be filmed in […]

Asset Sales Fund Tax Cuts

The Green Party is claiming that the national assets sales are a means of funding tax cuts for the highest-earners in the country. In a press release issued on December 2nd the Green Party has claimed that the revenues raised in the recent sale of national assets has yielded less revenue than the tax cuts […]

Local Firms Squeezed Out of IRD Upgrade

Claims are arising that no New Zealand firms will be eligible to participate in the upgrade of the IRD tech systems. Over the course of October 8th several groups came forward to claim that the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department has effectively shut out any local firms from participating in the upcoming upgrade of the […]

IRD Accept Upgrade Bids

The IRD is making tangible steps towards an extensive upgrade of its IT and processing systems. Last week the Inland Revenue Department announced that it will soon begin accepting expressions of interest from external parties regarding the upcoming upgrade of the Department’s internal technology systems. The expression of interests will be accepted via the Government […]