Taxpayers’ Union Questions Tobacco Tax Hikes

The Taxpayers’ Union is calling on the government to look at legalizing e-cigarettes instead of just unfairly raising taxes on tobacco. Late last week the Taxpayers’ Union issued a press release calling the government’s latest round of tax hikes of tobacco products “morally questionable”. The government has announced that each year until 2020 the tax […]

ACT Calls for Changes to Tax Threshold

The ACT Party wants to ease the tax burden faced by workers earning between NZD 48 thousand and NZD 100 thousand. In a press release issued on May 25th the ACT Party called for a rejig of the thresholds for personal income tax in New Zealand. The proposed new tax breaks would remain the same […]

Tax Freedom Day Fall on Thursday in New Zealand

In a few days time the average New Zealand taxpayer would have earned enough to pay their taxes for the year. In a press release issued on May 23rd the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union revealed that Tax Freedom Day in 2016 falls on the same day as the national budget announcement, May 26th. According to […]

IRD Releases “Netflix Tax” Report

The IRD has released its rules for the upcoming GST rules, showing how suppliers must determine whether customers are from New Zealand or not. On May 17th the Inland Revenue Department issued a Special Report on the upcoming rules regarding GST charges on remote and online services provided by non-resident businesses. From October 1st any […]

Australia May Cancel “Backpacker Tax”

Australia may put the brakes on a proposal which could have resulted in a drought of foreign labor coming to the country. Over the weekend the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull indicated that the proposed “backpacker tax” could be delayed or dropped entirely, following gears that the measure would see seasonal agricultural workers skip […]

Food Prices Rise in New Zeland

Prices of food fruits and vegetables in New Zealand have risen, although meat and grocery items have become cheaper. In a press release on May 12th Statistics New Zealand showed that in the year ending April 2016 the price of food in New Zealand rose by 0.5 percent. The overall rise in the price of […]

Greens Call for Tax Crackdown

The Greens are calling on the government to crack down on tax dodging multinational companies. On May 4th the Green Party issued a statement calling on the government to use the upcoming Budget to introduce new measures to combat tax evasion and profit shifting by multinational companies operating in New Zealand. In its release the […]

New Zealand and China Ease Customs Procedures

Exporters in China and New Zealand will see eased customs requirements in the near future. New Zealand will be the first country to have a Joint Electronic Verification (JEV) with China for imports and exports, according to information in a press release issued by Customs Minister Nicky Wagner on April 19th. The JEV will be […]

CPI Edges Up 0.2% in March Quarter

Increasing taxes on cigarettes have pushed New Zealand’s CPI upward, despite falls in price of travel and recreation. On April 18th Statistics New Zealand released the latest data on the Consumer Price Index in New Zealand, showing a rise of 0.2 percent over the March 2016 quarter. The increase to the CPI was caused mainly […]

Tax Reform Package Announced in New Zealand

Small businesses in New Zealand will soon enjoy easier tax procedures and lowered tax bills. The Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key has announced a package of tax changes aimed at helping reduce the burdens faced by small and medium sized businesses. One of the key changes announced is the introduction of new “pay-as-you-go” […]