Labour Proposes Water Tax

The Labour Party is looking to use targeted taxes to encourage farmers to make better use of waterways for irrigation. Earlier this week the spokesperson for water of the Labour Party Meka Whaitiri announced a proposed initiative aimed at cleaning the nation’s waterways, lakes and rivers by charging a tax on the use of water […]

Calls Raised For KiwiSaver Tax Change

New Zealanders could retire with as much as NZD 100 000 more in their pocket, if newly suggested tax changes are made. On June 30th the Taxpayers’ Union, the Financial Services Council, Age Concern and Consumer New Zealand launched a collaborative campaign calling on the government to reduce the tax burdens paid by New Zealanders […]

NZ First Proposes Tax Breaks

Targeted tax measures could help exporters in New Zealand. On July 21st the New Zealand First party issued a transcript of a speech delivered by Winston Peters, listing several of the party’s policies in regards to supporting the national export industry, suggesting that new tax measures could be to boost the sector. According to Winston […]

Fuel Efficient Cars Cause Tax Hike

Fuel efficient cars are one of the reasons behind the government’s recent hike to petrol taxes. In a statement made on June 30th the Prime Minister John Key indicated that improvements in the fuel efficiency of cars has led to the government raising the taxes applicable to the sale of petrol in New Zealand. According […]

Government Offers Graduate and Intern Funding

The New Zealand government is now offering funding for high-tech firms to take on young students and recent graduates. On May 26th the government issued a new statement inviting businesses engaged in research and development to apply for funding to take on recent graduates into permanent positions, or to take on current students for internship […]

Too Much Funding Goes to Tourist Sector

New Zealanders are missing out on vital services, as the government spends millions on funding tourism enterprises, according to an activist group. On May 21st the Taxpayers’ Union issued a new statement claiming that the government has gone too far in providing investment into businesses operating in the national tourism industry. The statement from the […]

IRD Gets New Funding for Anti-Evasion Push

The IRD is looking to take on a significant number of new specialist staff to help recover previously unpaid taxes. On May 12th the government announced that the upcoming budget would allocate approximately NZD 132 million to be spent over the next five years to help improve tax compliance and to chase down tax evaders. […]

Beneficiaries Offered Money to Move to Christchurch

Beneficiaries may soon be offered a payment of NZD 3 000 to move to a job in the Canterbury region. The government will set aside NZD 3.5 million to be used as a monetary incentive for beneficiaries to move to the Canterbury region, according to a new statement issued on May 6th by Minister of […]

Tax Changes Will Boost Kiwisaver Savings

New Zealanders support the idea of dropping tax credits on Kiwisaver, in favor of reducing the overall tax burden on retirement savings. On April 22nd the Financial Services Council released a new statement with the result of a new survey of New Zealanders on their opinions towards taxation of KiwiSaver, showing that a large number […]

Tax Changes to Help Manufacturing Sector

The Labour party wants to make several tax changes in order to encourage more investment and growth in the national manufacturing sector. On March 17th the Labour party released a statement saying that if the party is elected in the coming election, it will implement several tax changes aimed at aiding the national manufacturing sector. […]