More Visas Granted for Low-Skill Jobs

New data suggests that since 2010 more migrants have been approved to work in low-skilled jobs in New Zealand, while the proportion of high-skilled workers being approved has dropped. Recent modelling completed by the New Zealand immigration adviser AMG Immigration indicates that over the last 5 years a greater number of temporary work visas have […]

New Infrastructure Costs to be Borne By Buyers

The New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development is calling for the cost of new housing developments to be passed to buyer, not developers. In a press release on July 4th the New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development (NZCID) called on the government to implement a plan for the payment and collection of funds from the […]

Statistics Shows New Zealand’s Wealth Gaps

New data shows that large wealth gaps exist between different age groups and ethnic groups in New Zealand. On June 28th Statistics New Zealand released new data regarding the distribution of net wealth across different groups in the country. It was shown that approximately 70 percent of total household net worth in New Zealand is […]

Import Levels Rising in New Zealand

Import levels are rising in New Zealand, with the import of consumer gods leading the charge. On June 27th Statistics New Zealand released new information showing that over the month of May the goods trade surplus in the country reached NZD 358 million. The total of all goods imported into New Zealand over the curse […]

IRD Warns of Phone Scam

Taxpayers across the country have been subject to an increasing number of calls from phone scammers claiming to be calling from the IRD. In a warning issued on June 17th the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department urged taxpayers to be cautious of a recent spate of scammers trying to defraud legitimate taxpayers. As of June […]

extra Tourist Don’t Translate to Extra GST, According to NZ First

New Zealand First has raised questions about why GST collections from tourism are not rising in line with growing tourist numbers. In a new press release issued on June 13th the New Zealand First Party claimed that the surge in tourist numbers has not been reflected in the national tax revenues from the collection of […]

PETA Says Tax Meat Like Cigarettes

PETA has called on the New Zealand government to tax “flesh foods” like tobacco. The animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has written a letter to the Finance Minister Bill English, calling on the government to tax meats the same way as cigarettes and tobacco. PETA claimed that a tax […]

Kiwisaver Markets Needs More Competition and Consumer Education

A lack of financial knowledge among Kiwisaver customers could be leading to a lack of competition on the market, and, ultimately higher fees and lower returns. New analysis conducted by researchers at the New Zealand Treasury indicate that Kiwisaver providers do not appear to be competing heavily on their fees or returns. The researchers concluded […]

Treasury Reports Another Surplus

The New Zealand government has once again seen a surplus, but drops in corporate income tax have left the surplus below expectations. On June 3rd the New Zealand Treasury released the Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand for the Ten Months Ended 30 April 2016 showing that the government has seen a positive […]

Taxpayers’ Union Questions Tobacco Tax Hikes

The Taxpayers’ Union is calling on the government to look at legalizing e-cigarettes instead of just unfairly raising taxes on tobacco. Late last week the Taxpayers’ Union issued a press release calling the government’s latest round of tax hikes of tobacco products “morally questionable”. The government has announced that each year until 2020 the tax […]